Monday, June 8, 2009

More photos of Hampden

I seriously wanted to steal the painting underneath 
the stand-lamp, but I decided not to since It was from 
the owner's ARTIST friend. 

The cafe still serves GOOD coffee

I met the sweetest lady who is the owner in this shop.
She said she's leaving for Peru tomorrow.

I guessed she would go see 
Machu Picchu in Peru and I was right.
"Take me!" I almost screamed at her, 
and she made a big smile at me.

Always love this place.
I found some new places in Hampden
 where I want to show to InSung next time :-)


  1. LOVE all Hampden photos. Whoes camera did you take these photos with? Not your manual one...right? I like the shot of alley and a tree.

    Machu Picchu... Shawn is going there this August. Hmmm...we should go some time too!

  2. Yea, we should go there.
    We might ride on motorcycle for traveling in Peru. :)

    My film that I took in Hampden is waiting to be developed and those pictures above I took with Areum's digital camera.

    I like the shot of alley and a tree too. Thanks!

  3. Hi, sisters.
    When you describe about American city or culture, suddenly I realize the physical distance from here.
    And miss you guys...

    I'll listen to the O.S.T `The motorcycle Diary' tonight...

  4. Hey JIMSSI, it is just shocking that you mentioned the physical distance. I am sad... miss you too!

    The motorcycle diary...ahhhh...

  5. Jimssi... I never really got homesick since I came here..
    but I finally got homesick lately.

    Miss you guys so much.
    Btw, you have such a good CD collection :-)