Monday, June 8, 2009

Love Hampden as always

This weekend, I went to Hampden to take photos for my second project of a photography class with my friend, Areum. As I almost got one roll has been taking, I stopped by the cafe, which I went to with InSung for the first trip of Hampden. There the owner display and sell local artists' art work, mostly paintings, and I found the paintings displayed have changed from the last time. I liked new paintings better than previous work. The shop owner said he's happy with that I am back. :-) I already knew Hampden people are so sweet, but they were nicer that day.

Hamden seemed ready for the Hon Fest next weekend since it was not as crowded as usual. I was glad that Areum really enjoyed exploring Hampden too. She took even more pictures than I did.


  1. We will visit Hampden soon again. I recognize the cafe that we went before. I think I am going to bring Minhae next time.

  2. She's already invited :>
    I really want to go to Hon fest next weekend since I've wanted to photograph crowd or parade-looking scenes in black and white.

    Hope we can all go together.

  3. I have a play date on Sat. How about Sunday that we go to HON fest?