Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Meet the friend in New York

So I went to New York to see a good friend of mine who came from Korea. It felt really weird seeing him there(not even in Maryland where I live in) and I felt like I met him yesterday. There wasn't much talk between us even it's been almost three years that we haven't seen each other. We just enjoyed our trip in Manhattan as if we're in Korea.

I wanted to buy everything for Minhae at the Toys R US. lol My friend bought some Barbie dolls for his firend's daughters. :)

It was unavoidable to keep thinking of In-Sung as I was walking around Manhattan where I had the very first NY trip with her.

I haven't really got a chance to see Statue of Liberty this close. Well, it was also first time that I rode on the ferry. I thought that the ticket price is a bit expensive, but it was worth it.

I will never get bored around New York city. Sometimes, it looks like a very tiny version of Seoul, which is a capital city in my home country, South Korea.

The best part of this trip was being at the Central Park. Weather was so nice that I just wish I could hang out in the sun more than being in a hurry to catch a bus to go back home. $2 for a mini jazz concert was great too. :)

I was so happy that I made it NY to see my friend JuneSoo. At the same time, I was thinking that I will come visit NY to enjoy film festivals with In-Sung any time soon this fall. It says it starts out from today until October 10th in the poster. Hm.. we will see.