Monday, May 18, 2009

True Fashionist, MLE

Sometimes, I don't understand why her parents blame her picking up her own outfit in the morning before she goes to school. Hm... she does have good taste in fashion.  :D


  1. Hey, I don't "blame" her for anything! Just don't want her to wear the same shirt for three days in a row out of the dirty laundry basket. I do love her choice of green socks and white hill. :-)

  2.'s Kara stalking your blog...lolol Minhae is so funny...I love the green socks and white shoes...that is a really creative contrast. She's so smart!

  3. Is that a her own choice? really?
    Wow, she's a true fashionist. I agree.
    And that white shoes remind me Dorothy of `The wizard of Oz'.
    I like the pretty little hill~~

  4. InSung> Now, we have the word "Eeew~" to make her not to pick up a dirty cloth out of a laundry basket. Right?

    Kara> Hi, Kara. Please keep stalking me. You're my second top follower after InSung here. Welcome! ;)

    JIMSSI> Yes, it was absolutely her OWN choice. She does have her own taste already so InSung was having kinda hard time to keep up with her GOOD sense of style. ha!~

  5. Sigh... I agree. I can't keep up with her. I think saying "Euw..." about the laundry basket is a brilliant idea! Like Kara said, Minhae has 2 moms I must admit. :-)

  6. As I always said, you're such a good mommy so don't worry.
    HOWEVER, you better admit that she has 2 moms. hehe