Friday, May 22, 2009

My little logo book

Logo book size : 5x5"
Including 7 logos, which were created through 2009 spring semester by Kangyi Kim

1. Charles Theater, a movie theater, redesigned logo 
2. Ground Graceful, a divine coffee shop, new logo
3. A Wedding Cake by Candy, a wedding cake shop online, new logo
4. TUCDD, Towson University of Children Dance Division, new logo
5. Laputa, a restaurant wine bar, new logo
6. Kim Kommunication, a self-promotional logo
7. D.O.A.D., Department of Art+Design of Towson University, redesigned logo.


  1. you and your sister are so talented...I'd be green with envy if you two weren't so darn nice!

  2. Kangyi, don't you think Kara is just so sweet? maybe...she really means it! lol

    Anyway, TUCDD is still my most favorite. You did a great job this semester. I love your craftsmanship. The book binding itself is awesome too!

  3. Kangyi, I wonder the meanig of `Kim Kommunication'.
    It seems like a group supporting you.

    Anyway I like the cover design of your logobook.
    I want to see details of your logo, but they are so tiny. hh....

  4. Kara> You're so sweet :-) I just love my job. I'm tying to keep up the good work as best as I can ;)

    InSung> TUCDD logo was quite successful so I was happy with the result. You're always welcomed to be my critique.

    JIMSSI> Kim Kommunication logo was one of my professors' favorite logo out of all the logos that I created in that class. The reason I named it 'Kim Kommunication' was that my initials are two 'K's. It might be my own company's logo in the future. And, I'll update detailed pictures of my logo book soon just FOR YOU. :-)