Saturday, February 13, 2010

While the snow

thought they are just beautiful for the first day snowing

just beginning...

okay... nowhere to go.

so I thought I could start something like drawing that I've wanted to

I started with this guy that I'm crazy about these days :-)

"So sorry Erlend! Next time I'd be better than this. Promise! :( "

Then, little artist visited my room to show what a real drawing is.

Keep snowing....

Me thinking, "Hm... I might be able to get my website done.. :> "

 I needed some tea since I got tired from a lot of work!


 Well, there were two things that truly enjoyed the snow though.
They were.... ROCKY & MINHAE :D



  1. So warm and relaxing... While I was gone crazy with cabin fever this is how you see the beautiful side of the difficult situation. I have a lot to learn from you.

  2. Thanks for thinking like that.. You are sweet :-) And..I totally understand that you were in cabin fever. You have your family to take care of. Isn't that so natural then?